Sharing an Elements wishlist or collection

Hello Ben

I have a project for which we need samples of laughter,
my clients wants to pcik them for me

I have an elements account,

how do I allow them to make a “wishlist” and how can I import it without them having to have my login details?

please if you could be so kind to reply before this Tuesday that would be so much appreciated
I have been a loyal client for more than a decade

sincerly yours

Joachim De Munck
Studio 123

Hi @Music_Dreams!

Your client can create their own free account on Elements from the menu bar:

Once they have an account, they’ll be able to add items to a collection:

Collections can be shared with other users - they’ll just need to ensure that Link Sharing is turned on, and then they can send you the URL:

While logged in to your own Elements account, you’ll be able to view their collection and licence any items you need.

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