Sharing a recent video that's going down well. Thanks for the music.

Hi guys,
Sorry if it’s unorthodox, but I wanted to share a recent video I just cut. It’s been going down really well on Twitter and FB, in various running communities and amongst all sorts of people.
It’s a short film I created to document the immense level of dedication and training my mum has been putting herself through, in preparation of running 400km in 8 days!! She will be raising money for Marie Curie Cancer Care whilst running the infamous Cape Wrath Ultra in the Scottish Highlands, covering distances of up to 45 miles per day!
It’s an amazing feat, and I needed an inspirational track. I tried everywhere, and as always, AudioJungle came up with the goods.
I wanted an inspirational piano piece to bring some emotion in an uplifting way. And low and behold, I found a perfect track called… “Inspirational Piano”. Lol. It’s been an artist on here called Hakan-eriksson. I’ve no idea how to tag him or her, but wanted to share on here and say congrats and thanks to you all for creating and supporting such a great community. It’s always my first stop when looking for music.

Anyway, the track is perfect. Lots of people have asked after it, and I’ve directed them here of course.
I hope you enjoy my short film on the lady who I’m proud to call my mum:


Thanks for sharing! Video and music are beautiful :blush:
And you definitely have a mom to be proud of! God bless her and I’m sure she will handle this :slight_smile:

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:clap: well done! all will be well!

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Thanks @Mic4eckProducer! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for the kind words, @b7official. :slight_smile:

Great video! And your mom is a true hero…! An example to follow…!
Best wishes…!)

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@wRenderFarm Great video! You’ve got a tough Mum! Good luck to her and your future projects. The video looks great!

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Thanks @benzosonix! That means a great deal to both me and my mum. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for the kind words and support, @BisonTracks. So nice to hear :slight_smile:

Liked the accent :wink: As for the music track - thoughtful and delicate dealing with the voice, nice!

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Very nice video.
Congratulations !!!

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This is a wonderful video. Your mother is amazing!

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@Soundlufs, Lol. Ah yes, the good old british accent! :sweat_smile: Thanks for the kind words, I adore the track! :slight_smile:

@SoundRevolution Thank you :slight_smile:

@MidnightSnap Thank you so much for the kind words :slight_smile: I am very proud to call her mum :slight_smile:

Ecxellent!!! Very inspiring video. Your mother well done!!! God bless her!!! Everything will be OK!!!

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Thanks @Max-Music, that’s really nice of you to say! :slight_smile:

Your mum is amazing man, and she must be proud of you cause the video is very, very good ! Track’s perfect indeed :+1:

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Thanks so much for the kind words @Willox. And yes, I do also love the track. Of all the projects I’ve ever cut, I’d honestly say that 95% of them have revolved around AudioJungle sound tracks. Love this place :slight_smile:

Great video and the music fits perfectly!

It looks like Håkan isn’t apart of the forum. Why he isn’t able to be tagged. But send him an e-mail. I’m sure he’ll be delighted to hear about how his music is being used. Especially for a project like this.