Share Your Style & Win a Limited Edition Laptop Sleeve!

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In celebration of Envato’s 9th birthday we’re excited to announce that over the past few months we’ve been working on a top secret collaboration with Melbourne based designer NudioStudio to create a custom designed Envato Laptop sleeve. It’s finally arrived at HQ and we want to give our beloved community the first opportunity to win one. Even Collis hasn’t got his hands on one yet!

How to Enter

To be in with a chance of winning one of these awesome, limited edition Envato laptop sleeves, plus extra goodies, simply share a photo of your daily essentials!

We want to see your style and your personality captured in one, creative photo. What do you carry around with you or cannot live without as an independent creative? Tell us a little bit about you from just one photo!

  1. Simply post a 700px-wide JPG image as a comment to this post. One entry permitted per person.
  2. Complete our official entry form so we know where to send your prize should you win.
  3. Optional: You may hyperlink your image to a larger version if you wish.
Take a look at the example below to see what we’re looking for:

[caption id=“attachment_155” align=“alignnone” width=“700”]Mike @ Gear Hungry Daily Essentials Image courtesy of Mijlo / Mike @ Gear Hungry[/caption]


We’ve got some beautiful, limited edition Envato leather and felt laptop sleeves, designed by the amazing Nudio Studio plus $250 up-for-grabs. Here’s what you can win:

Envato Laptop Sleeve by Nudio Studio

Grand Prize Winner

  • $250 (payable via your choice of PayPal / Skrill / Payoneer)
  • Envato laptop sleeve
  • A “Won a Contest“ community badge
10 x Runners-up
  • Envato laptop sleeve

Deadline & Judging

The winner will be selected by Fika Jayadi, co-founder of Nudio Studio – designers and purveyors of only the finest leather footwear, handbags, and fashion accessories.

Master the Art of Daily Essential Photography

Need help how to take these kind of photos? Fear not! Photographer Jeffrey Opp has a tutorial ready and waiting for you on How to Photograph Your Daily Essentials.


Kindle Paperwhite, Bowers & Wilkins P5, HHKB type-s, slingshot
iPhone 5c, Nikkon 50mm f1.8D, wallet, rMBP late 2013, notebook


Super cute, @sike! Way to go to kick things off! :star:

Hahah that leaf :laughing:


I have resigned from my job in order to become a freelancer. The number one rule for me was that my first ThemeForest product had to meet the WordPress Theme. My first theme will be published in september this year.
Here , " envato " will realize my dream.I’ll try my best!!!
My life in pictures.It looked so amateurish. :slight_smile:
Hope everyone can support me in my new work.
Expect me to keep rocking out with my art and hope everyone supports me in my new work.

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@scottwills @KingDog Please allow exiting users to post image, They are all old users… Restrict only for new users

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will be postin mine soon!

I’ll be entering soon…

My style is pretty minimal. It’s basically tunes and chocolate!

Macbook Air with leather SlickWrap, Grado SR60i headphones, iPhone 6, emergency chocolate and my trusty waistcoat.

Of course, it won’t let me post a picture. Which is great for picture competitions! Here’s a link:

My Style picture

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I have uploaded … Thanks.:slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello ,

This is my style, is simple (one book to read, some papers to draw, flowers, my car key and phone) . I like simple and minimalistic style.

Thank you :blush: !


Happy Birthday Envato. Here are My Style

Thank You. :wink:

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@xizon @surjithctly

Sorry for any inconvenience posting images as a new user! Travis informed me that’s one of the spam-fighting features however, so it’s actually a useful feature that users with no prior posts can’t post images in their first post. I appreciate a very small amount of genuine members and posts may be affected by this however, sorry about that!

If you include your image link in your post however, I will go back and edit it for you and make it appear. I just did that to some of the entries so far. But you can also make some posts elsewhere in the forums before posting here so you get the privilege to post yourself. Not ideal, but a workaround nonetheless.

Really exciting seeing everyone’s photos already coming in by the way, please keep them coming! :smile:

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good idea!!! I go take a picture of

This my style )))) A piece of me


Oh, interesting competition! :smile:
I’ll have to stop being lazy and take a shot of my essentials :smile:

Is that cat real :stuck_out_tongue: ?

It’s bigger than a car! Watch out, everyone, it’s CATZILLA! :smile:


real real cat ;)))))))))))))) His name Lex

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