Share your feedback on this rejected track

Hi, wondering if you’d mind sharing feedback on this rejected track. Having a little trouble dialing into the AJ aesthetic.


Hi there, 2 things:

  1. The production isn’t there yet. Overall, the track just doesn’t have the warmth and doesn’t open up as it should to get that nice corporate aesthetic. I’d look at the low mids and bass for more warmth and punch. Also, the drums, particularly the hat and tambourine sound weak and cheap. Better rooms/reverbs and maybe pads/strings could also help for this type of music. Finally, a nice driving bass might do wonders and fatten things up.

  2. The build is too slow and in fact there could really be a bigger build. As it is the track just drags its feet from 1 min onwards.

Just a few things to think about. Good luck!

Thanks for listening and for your thoughts.


Nice track, i like it, but…
I think it’s still not prepared for the AJ. The arragement is too poor for commercial tasty sound if you know I’m talking about
Practice practice practice