Share my first sale with using WordPress Multi-Site + Localization

I am currently writing an article and would like to share my first sale. I will share it with the forum:

The buyer is a low-educated farmer. The biggest difficulty is that he is afraid to browse the English website. He only speaks Chinese (Taiwan), I use the multi-user version of WordPress, and establishes a reference site for him to release his doubts. And guaranteeing to provide English translation services for Chinese to him, I recommend some WordPress themes to them by USD$20 to USD$40, but they eventually decided to buy a theme close to USD$60, and I finally earned USD$18.30 Commission.

This potential customer was initially resistant to the because language was a big hindrance. The second difficulty was that after purchasing them, they were worried that they would not use the products of the Even if the seller provided English documentation, they were Do not understand the terminology.

Summary: My solution is to “localize” and provide a language version for your potential customers because cannot be turned into a multilingual website.

Second, create a WordPress Multi-Site, you create a free account for them to use, and simple some of the basic features of WordPress, probably a week later, they will no longer be afraid to use WordPress, increase the demand for using advanced WordPress themes, and Recommend the right WordPress theme to them.
The final commission I got was, Blue Host’s USD $65 + Themeforest’s USD $18.30,

If you are willing to go one step further?