Share happiness with others hehe :)

OK, yesterday, dad x2.

Now, I’m a proud father of 2 amazing boys!

Round’s on me :beers:


Congratulations! :tada: :tada: :tada:
Hope both Baby and Mother are fine.

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I don’t see any dad jokes though, perhaps it is too early.
Congratulations man!

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Congratulations. Always be strong, your children and you.

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Congratulations! :slight_smile: Hope the mom feels well and can share your happiness to the fullest too.

What names did you choose?

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Getting back a bit late :wink:

I didn’t say it well, not twins hehe, the older one is 2 now, and the second kid just came in haha!

I’m Serbian nationality, so the names are from the origin. Older Uroš and newborn Lazar (like Lazarus hehe).

Mom is great, didn’t feel a thing :smiley: and is already enjoying herself to the fullest.

Thanks everyone, bless you all! Cheers! :beers:


Glad to hear that. :slight_smile: I didn’t know that they don’t have to be necessarily twins. I took for granted they were.

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Congratulations @XforWooCommerce & family!

Hope you’re all settling in to the new (lack of) routine, and getting some sleep when you can :smiley:

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Congratulations! :tada:

What will be your children - doctor, or developer? :smiley: @XforWooCommerce

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Hey tnx all again :slight_smile:

Getting back in the seat, however one toddler and a baby, it’s challenging :wink:

That’s a really good question @softtech-it Here’s what I read at some point and find it very clear.

Put some $$ on a side and when kids get to 16-18 you present them with the whole start up companies idea, and tell them that you’d invest in their ideas if they sound nice to you. Then you make them build a good business plan and invest, hey you can even get some equity over there :smiley: They can pursuit their dreams, you act as their VC fund. I think that can work out the best :slight_smile: hehe


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Amazed by your answer. Best of luck.

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