Share buttons in prettyphoto.......needless feature?!

Hey guys,

what do you think about the share buttons in prettyphoto? When I have deeplinking enabled and tried to share an image on facebook or twitter with these buttons, it doesnt use the correct link.

I figured out that you can not share links with hashes(deeplinking) on facebook or twitter. So this feature is totally needless and confusing my clients, because they can not share the current showing media in prettyphoto and asking me why it doesnt work…

You could try using a link shortening service to create a link for that photo, and then sharing that shortened link.

I disabled both deeplinking and the share stuff in prettyphotto. It’s useless and annoying!

Just noticed that facebook and twitter supports URLs with hashes #. Now I can use the deeplinking and the social tools in prettyphoto.

Just want to share that with you.