Share buttons doesn't appear

Hi there,
I use Kalium for professionals and try to put the social media buttons on my blog page. I’ve done it like in the documentation (drag and drop i.e. fb-button — save changes). They appear only, when I’m logged in in my backend. When I’m logged out, the share buttons doesn’t appears anymore. i.e. tried with deactivating SEO-plugins and some others, but it doesn’t helped.
Do you know how to handle it?
Thanks for your efforts.


Really? Noone there who can help?

Hi all,

now I found it out on myself. It was only a plug-in to speed up the cache! That’s the reason for non-storing any changes I’ve made. So, by the way if someone runs the Kalium-Theme with “wp fastest cache” and has problems with it like I wrote, just uninstal it and take another plug-in to speed up your webpage.

greetings and bye :slight_smile:

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