Shameful act of sales dropped not care the new authors and the newest items.

This is not a new topic anymore of drastically sales dropped for the newest items of all categories has been remained unnoticed carelessly by the authorities of this beautiful market that once upon a time inspired so many authors for its fantastic management but those days are gone now. It’s a shame, dear #Envato.

If you are not blindfolded, please see the conditions of all the newest item. Your new strategy of the system of sort by has ruined our sales volume. Only you can help us if you really consider good for all.

Not sure ‘equality’ is the best word to use when you’re advocating changing something from how it is currently (which benefits some authors and not others)… to the old sort order (which benefited some authors and not others). I get the feeling the ‘ruined our sales volume’ part is your main concern, rather than the equality part?

Don’t get me wrong, I think there’s better ways to present the results, I think this may have a negative effect on my sales, and I’d prefer they change it… but that’s just me… I’m not going to dress this up as some kind of noble quest to eradicate inequality!

I got your point and already edited those words. It’s a result of frustration, people keep raising their voice on this new system but it is always unheard.