shall i know why rejected my design

This my design plz give me advice and how to improve


i think that gray box/lines are too near logo and tel number
I think thats elements are the problem. I sugest to delate them :slight_smile:
Logo and important things should have save space around them.

Best Regards!

thank you

hi this is globally too flat and too simple graphic wise and i recommend that u push the envelope and replace te plain color shapes with something a bit more worked out for instance. There is not much of an originality at this stage as there is a deja vu feeling resulting from what u have here , which is partly also strengthened by the very common colors, the flat typo and an organization of elements which has nothing special to offer so to speak. Look, all this is decreasing the potential that your item may have commercially since, as of now, this is quite easy to redo the flyer rather and quickly. This is not a very good idea when it comes to readability and visibility too to have texts crossing shapes or pictures