SFX used in titles and transitions.. where can I find those?

Hi, where can I find the sfx sounds used in the preview video? Also, I have repeatedly sent messages to the owner, but I have never received a reply. Please help me.



please check:

Hope you are searching this. Otherwise post a comments here to know from the video author: Comments


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Dear mgscoder,

Thank you very much for your interest and help. Unfortunately, this is not, the main music. We’re looking for sound effects in the intro. Would you be able to let us know where to find that?


Hello @gullinov ! I think and even more than sure that it is better to ask the author video about it, since the sound effects always go separately from the music here, although you can pick up similar sound effects https://audiojungle.net/category/sound
Good luck!

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Hey, if you mean the transition sound effects, just look for wooshes or transitions in the sound effects section!

For example: https://audiojungle.net/item/transitions/23320109