SFX rejection. I need your feedback please!

Hello! I’m a new author on Envato making sfx. I have recently received 4 rejections for my new “Notification Alerts” sound effects. It was sad to read this comment again: this submission does not meet our general commercial utility standart. I am surprised - is it really so bad? Any feedback is much appreciated. Thank you!

Notification Alert 02 Preview

Notification Alert 03 Preview

Notification Alert 04 Preview

Notification Alert 05 Preview

What category did you choose for your aounds? Sometimes simply choosing the wrong category can lead to that response.

Just an idea but maybe you could try making a simple ‘pack’. Put the sounds all as one item and sell it as game menu sound effects or something like that.

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Thank you for the reply. I chose ‘Interface sounds’ - as far as I can see notification alerts are placed there.

I can make a pack of notifications but is a separate sound has really more chance to be rejected? And I always receive hard rejection for my sfx and never soft. It looks like the reviewer was in bad mood and rejected all the items from one single batch. And I can’t now use these sounds again for AJ.
Otherwise thank you for the advice, I will try to make a pack too.