SFX preparation for a successful submission

I intend to remaster my rejected SFX and resubmit them.

1 - Is there any particular AJ standard in LUFS, dB and True Peak?
2 - What about Noise Ratio, Headroom and Stereo Image?
3 - Do you know any other “rule” that you have to strictly follow for a successful submission?

Hey there!

  1. Not at all; let’s just say that if it is below -15dbTP you’re probably too low and if it’s clipping or above -9LUFS perhaps you pushed it a lil bit too much. Depends on what you’re submitting though, you won’t master a breeze gust the same as a massive explosion.
  2. Always try to keep the noise floor as low as possible. As for the SI, depends on what you’re working on. Footsteps, for instance, should be much narrower (if not mono) than a car pass-by.
  3. There’s not, as long as they are well recorded (or designed), edited, cleaned and mixed, and of course appealing to a potential customer you’re good to go. It’s always a good idea to A/B your finals with assets from any of the awesome sound designers AJ has.

Thanks for your response!

A/B contrast is a great idea that totally slipped my mind.

If you wouldn’t mind, I would appreciate your feedback on this item:

I put it in the Game Sounds category since it’s synthesized, although my approach intended to be realistic.

Hey! I think it’s a very nice synthezied a blast, but I wouldn’t say it sounds realistic. I would leave a slightly longer tail (3 or 4 seconds), prepare 3 or 4 variations (thinking of a potential video game usage) and name the item “Retro Game Shot” or something like that.

Actually I might even use a bit crusher and include some lo-res 8 bit versions.

For a more realistic approach I might leave your asset as a layer, include a fairly close recorded firecracker pitched down and definitely add metal sweeteners, like keys, chains, and that sort of stuff. I normally use an old horse bit I found on a flea market, but anything could do the trick.

You are completely right actually, it’s not realistic, it’s just me thinking of it in this way.
“Retro Game Shot” makes much more sense and depicts it way better.

I’ll try to reprocess it and add some variations.

Thank you so much!

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