sexual offensive ? ఠ_ఠ

So, i got this soft reject message: “Please provide a model image for your preview that is less sexual offensive.” for this poster:

This is a genuine question… How is this “sexual offensive” ? Do you think this is offensive ? If so, please explain. This is a theme about cosplay, it’s a blade and soul cosplay character. What model should I put instead that reflects the theme of the flyer ? Are pantsuits ok ? What is this ? I thought the elections were over #pantsuitnation

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I think the her face is covered thats something sexually offensive :smile:


i feel same,
eventhough its not hijab, it more or less looks like that

Yeah I really wonder how those policies came together to form this nonsense. Someone somewhere had to be really mad about something to implement something this stupid that it makes no sense whatsoever.

The message I had received from another reviewer was: “While the image isn’t technically sexually offensive, it represents imagery we don’t want on our marketplace. If it isn’t considered family friendly, it isn’t appropriate for GraphicRiver. We have been making these changes for a few months now and will be addressing currently approved content that violates this refined policy in the near future. Thank you for your understanding on this.”

“we don’t want” so it’s basically a pick and choose method right ? something that is “fair” for everybody ? hah! this is a joke. How was this nonsense came to be ?? How did we end up here ? What happened envato ? Where are you ?? What happened to you ? I guess you were bought off like the rest of the bigger corporations… shame

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There’s nothing wrong with Envato choosing not to accept sexually offensive content, and there’s nothing wrong with Envato deciding what they want on the site… they’ve always had that right. However, as with anything like this, some people will have varying opinions on what constitutes sexually offensive, and what doesn’t. I feel the decision was incorrect in your case.

I completely agree with you about envato having the right to allow or not what they want on their site, but saying “there’s nothing wrong with envato” is a false statement… sure there are a lot of things that are good but at the moment talking about from the point of view of a author the bad overwhelms the good. They have a lot of questionable policies since they moved to the US. Did you see what is posted here ? The thing is that it’s a opinion based decision regarding what is allowed or not, 1 reviewer might consider it “sexual offensive” while other 2 would not… thus resulting in a conflict of interest.

Did you give up reading my post after the fourth word? I didn’t say “there’s nothing wrong with Envato”, I said “There’s nothing wrong with Envato choosing not to accept sexually offensive content, and there’s nothing wrong with Envato deciding what they want on the site” which is most definitely not a false statement.

How else would they do it though? It’s the same with whether an item is good enough to be accepted… you can train people all you want on what the company wants, and what they don’t want, but that’s all going to be based on items that are live on the site or have been sent in for review… the actual decisions are going to have to be made on a case by case basis. You’re never going to be able to get a group of people to make exactly the same decision when it comes to approval or rejection.

They’d need a computer program for it to be a completely level playing field, and I think that’s probably a long way off.

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