several Theme-Updates (Jupiter Theme) on Wordpress> compatibility Problem with WP Version?

I should update a Theme (Jupiter on Wordpress) for a customer. Because the last update was in 2018, there are 5 updates (6.1.6 - 6.4.1) in the Jupiter Theme Control Panel of Wordpress…

My question is: can I only install the youngest update (6.4.1) to have all included or do I have to install all 5 updates? And could happen compatibility- issues with the several themeupdates because I have the newest WP Version 5.3.2?

Sorry I am from GER and my english is not so well :slight_smile: I

hope you understand what i mean :slight_smile:

I think you can update to the most latest version 6.4.1. but I would like to recommend please ask the theme author about compatibility issues going through theme comments page or theme support page. Theme author will assist you. Thanks

thanks for the help.

how / where can I ask a theme autor for this?

How to contact an author: