Several questions

I’m a beginner and there are a few questions in my mind. please guide me. Thank you for your attention and kindness.

  1. Do I need to include the fonts used in the item in the sales package?
  2. Can I crop unsplash photos(For Example) or select a part of the photos and use it in a screenshot?
  3. Why are PSD Templates Designed Only for Desktop Size? No need to design in tablet and mobile sizes, or better if designed?
  4. Is the evaluation of the items based on the home page, or the whole pages reviewed and set the quality standard?
  5. If the quality standard is approved, what is the procedure for accepting the item in the next steps?
  6. Can the price set for an item be changed after the update?
  7. Can Codepen or Fiddle samples be used in html or can they be customized and used?
  1. it depends on what the font is and more importantly if you have the necessary permissions to distribute it. This is a major re I’ll d flag unless you have the right commercial license

  2. technically yes but again using images from sites like unsplash (assuming again there is a suitable license) is fine BUT these should be substituted with placeholders in the download version (regardless of license).

  3. you can include tablet or phone versions if it’s a mobile template design.

  4. lots of things including admin, general design or coding - if the home page or initial design is bad then usually the reviewer wouldn’t bother looking at the rest (but it depends on the reviewer and item).

  5. it goes live immediately and you get a notification

  6. yes, but there are other rules that go with this so you need to read up on ADP

  7. this should be avoided - work should be original wherever possible

Thank you very much for your tips. I have already benefited greatly from your help. Best regards and wishes for success.

Do reviewers taste or do they all work according to certain principles?