Hello, I have a problem with the SevenSlider from the package.
SevenSlider was included in the template. There is a problem here.
8 positions are specified in the slider. As long as I forgive 6 everything is ok. As soon as I forgive the 7 position, the “more info” sentence in the slider no longer links.
Unfortunately my English is not good, but I still hope for help.
I have tried it under different templates, I use Joomla. 6 positions, all good. What could that be? Thank you for your help. Sascha

Hello Sascha, this is a general community forum, not the support forum. Please contact us directly via the contact form on our profile page at ThemeForest, or via support tab on the product page. I will be happy to assist in solving this issue. BTW. we’ve recieved also your email so please take a look at our reply.