Seven years :))

Hhhhhhhahhh… Hhh. Fff*ck i can believe tha folks… )) Im here already seven F8cking years maaan)))))))
Hhhhah. I almost forget it but )))
ENVATO is give me a remind in a new cake-candle badge and i remembered that fact that i give seven years of my life in this community.
I know my sales are not high. And i know why.
And im not stopping. Im writing music every day and i like it.
Where are was a days when you just sit in che chair and cant do just nothing. You just give a birth to every single track you write.
Where was a days when I’m just sick of this but i cant just stop it and do nothing.
Im writing music.
Despite all this I continue to create

Want to share this moment with all community and tell you guys(and ladies. Im sture they are here too))).

_Dont Fcking give up. Even if you tired of this Sht just take a breath. _
I dont mean a half-year breath i mean just little breath :))))))
SO…Take a breath and go on with that.
Everything will be fine.
Cheers. Best - yours Blacksmith already seven years.


Она спасает когда грустно.

Чувак, почисти портфель. Удали старье без продаж…

Я думал об этом много раз, но я не привык выкидывать свои работы.

Hello @_Blacksmith

Happy seven birthday in envato community :birthday:

I wish sale will increase in next year and good luck for your work :slight_smile:

Thanks man. I hope on that :slight_smile:
But experience talks about other :)))))

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We are from more then 4 years and feels good in envato community
[link removed: self promotion]

Thanks :slight_smile:

@anon76595093 The case is in that fact that my music in not commercial and because of that i have a low sales.
I know that but i can do anything with that. I cant write a tranding music. I tried.