Setting Price

I want to set the price for my music.

1.) Can I set the price only when uploading my music, or can I do it later?

2.) I want my music to be used for short commercials on the internet, which category do I put a number/price for? Or do I need to put a number/price for all of them? (please see image)

3.) Also, will I be receiving royalties or just a one time payment?

Please help and thank you I really appreciate it!


  1. you can change it later
  2. it’s only your choice
  3. royalties

Hi okay thank you!

Can you please clarify which of these categories (in the image) pertains to short commercials that will be on the internet?

Please let me know and thanks again!

Hey sorry to say, but @romlam is wrong here.

Regarding your question #2: You the author cannot choose how your music is to be used. When you sell on AJ the buyer can do anything that’s allowed in the license terms. So you need to put a price for each type of license.

Regarding your question #3: No, you don’t get royalties from Envato. You will get a one-time payment at the moment of the sale. How much you’ll get depends on your exclusivity status and the total amount you’ve already sold.


#2: I meant that the author himself can choose the prices.
#3 Also meant the same. Isn’t that called royalty?

Okay great thank you guys for your help!

Can somebody clarify which of those categories (on the image) pertains specifically for internet commercials?

Honestly not sure what the difference is between all these categories if some has any way of clarifying the differences it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

its the license usage, for low views usage is the first price, then the views and licences change, so starting from something small obviously and then going to something bigger, and if you see there is a recommended final purchase price if you are unsure. but you do whatever you want nowdays. so you set the prices

here are the licences

Most internet uses: Music Standard license
Video Games, DVD, anything with physical or downloadable copies (over 10 000): Music Mass Reproduction
Local TV: Music Broadcast 1 Million license
Regional TV: Music Broadcast 10 Million license
National TV: Music Broadcast and Film

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