Server Problems? Audio track previews not loading, basically unusable

Does anyone know if there’s serious issues with the servers? Recently all audio files are not loading the preview play icon in any half decent speed, if at all, and music files will preview for a second or 2 and then crash. All i get are a gradient grey circle on most files that may or may not load if i leave it for 10 minutes. Heading to sound stripe and musicbed and all works fine and other sites stream fine so it’s something on here - making it essentially unusable for me at the moment.

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Hi k3ddesign,

It must be a CDN issue. The only working solution, so far, is to use VPN.

Hope this helps.

I Have a VPN and multiple locations are all the same. Just feels like a server is to slow or something and not seeming to get any better. At this rate I’m out of here as it’s unusable