Serious Problems - Product cancellation - Distribution of my product without my permission

I have serious problems.

Is there anyone who can help with this, how Envato will support it. Are our rights safe?

  1. My question; It is unreasonable to return a product that was purchased a long time ago. Especially if the product is a social media product as I sell it. How this product can be downloaded and returned. I received 3 refunds within the same minutes, these can be deliberate and fake accounts. In this context, all responsibility with envato.

  2. My question; This is grave. Envato should be responsible for the research and examination of these products and the safety of the products we produce for this site. I think that this support should be provided in the figures gained from the works.

Would you like to check?

In particular, these two issues are very important. I find it meaningless to have a refund requirement on visual products. Because it is already a filter that passes through your work and the customer sees the details and how to return. This is not acceptable.

Up to now, how many people may have downloaded it for free. This or other studies. Really a pity for all our efforts. Envato makes serious money. Common to all our work. You have to watch our products! Such partnership does not happen. It only depends on your interests.

I’m totally against refunding electronic products. Regarding the piracy no one will help you! Envato do nothing against pirate websites and sending DMCA’s is waste of time! My advice is to delete the pirate link from your post!


Thank you for your support.

I argue that Envato Market must legally preserve designs on such matters. The refund status of the purchased work is ridiculous and can be returned 10-15 times per year. It is a bad situation that we received a refund after using our work. We don’t buy shoes or any products. We sell certain designs that the site gives approval under certain rules. If only a work sold through the Envato market is returned to another site after being returned, it is the system itself that has not been able to maintain it. I argue that it should get important in this regard. I’m worried about the answer to this issue?


Thank you very much for your support. I will share the answer here

yeah there is no reason to do , this is the opened door to pirates , cheatings of all kinds and so on … once an item is downloaded there is no guaranty for authors that the thing is not going to be used all the same despite people asking for a refund …

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Thank you for your support.

Hello, I am also against this event, one month ago I had 45, I only needed 5, so I was withdrawing money from my account, when I updated my account, two people recovered their money, returned to almost $ 15, For the support, the response was that when someone recovers their money, his or her Envato account is disabled + can not buy your products. The next day I sold the items that were recovered, I returned to the purchase invoice. The person who bought the item He is a brother who has recovered my item, bought it again, I do not know what happened Ah after recovery, but he bought the producers once again, I was happy, really, knowing that Anfato administration is facing this big problem, so I hope to resolve as soon as, we are not people who spend our time of emptiness, I hope the problem grasp of, Greetings

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When I check the refund policy it looks like you should have been contacted about it beforehand, and there are qualifications that need to be met to receive a refund, so these likely arent refunds, but rather people using something like PayPal and then reversing the transaction through PayPal itself, which Envato doesn’t have any control over. What these people are doing is illegal, but unfortunately there isn’t really anything we or Envato can do to stop them.

While I am completely against people pirating or breaching licenses, just to clarify:

  • If it’s a payment reversal then envato can’t stop that

  • Only an author can submit a DMCA (has to be the copyright owner)

  • There are several countries where (I am not a lawyer so can’t comment in detail) there are consumer protection laws even when it comes to digital products, and which envato have to abide by

Again, it’s totally not right but it’s important to be clear on who can do what.

If anyone has any viable solutions then I am certain envato would like to hear them?

LOL yes we know and envato unlike all big companies have no insurance and do not get compensated for the loss lol “consumer protection” for digital goods :joy:

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What is a payment reversal?

Basically it’s when a customer contacts their bank or Paypal, for example, and disputes the transaction and ask for their money back. It’s completely out of the hands of Envato.

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@XioxGraphix description is pretty accurate but here’s envato’s own version

At the moment of return, they only gave information about the payment. Pretty much the things we’re talking about here. It is mentioned that these fraudulent accounts are deleted immediately and the download process is stopped. eBay, Amazon, sites such as these problems, they said. I tried to express that they were completely different things. Do you think I’m wrong?

And I didn’t get a single answer about other question. To prevent the distribution of our products on inappropriate sites. I have replied about these issues. I will inform you again when they return. Thank you for your interest and support.

The Envato community is a large audience. I think he should come up with a solution. Cancellation of the purchase is ridiculous. Everything is in the middle of the restarantta food in front of you when you can go up without paying money?

In addition, isn’t it dangerous for third parties to publish designs, especially for authors who say they will not publish or sell the same products on other sites? This is the problem of every Envato author. And the Emergency is an issue that needs to be solved. Envato has to protect our designs under all circumstances.

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So what would the solution be?

I’m not debating it would be good to find one, but don’t you think if there was a better way then envato would have activated it by now?

Do you know of any other sites (which operate in the same way / type of products as envato) that have a process to control this?

Unfortunately it is no good ignoring the fact that envato cannot in anyway control reversals nor submit copyright claims – this is determined at a much much higher level.

FYI @bannertheme to answer your original questions:

  1. No it’s not right but nor is it anything envato can stop
  2. As above you own the copyright. There is nothing that envato can do. Besides even if they got a site closed down, it would only be activated again under a different link in a matter of hours.

This is not an exclusive problem to envato

Thank you for touching this topic. Yes, I promise to make sales in envato and you set a commission deduction accordingly. While paying attention to this, it is a big mistake of Envaton to allow our designs to be distributed free of charge on harmful sites. Envato’s support and solution is needed.

I did not find sensible your answer. You have seen which big brand’s products say that when the forgeries are sold cheaply, that brand will not solution anything. Envato is a corporate firm that provides serious and large revenues. It has the power to solve these problems. And basically, authors need to defend their rights. Anyone who sells indirectly here is an Envato employee. We want this place to gain momentum and not to get hurt. So let us be a powerful player of this powerful team.

So what should envato do?

Again can you give an example of another site like here and how they do it?

FYI authors are very much not employees of envato.