Serious problem in the process of purchasing a theme

I tried to buy this theme with two different accounts. Both times, the money was deducted from my account, but the purchase was not completed. Instead, my account was locked in the middle of the purchase process. Two other colleagues experienced the same thing when they bought this theme and the money was not returned to their account!
Only one of my payments was refunded, and even though it’s been almost two days, my other payment hasn’t been refunded. I also applied to the link related to the lock. They replied that they would follow up, but so far no follow-up has been done.
I am really afraid to buy themes again.

Any delays to refunds or tickets are almost certainly down to the weekend.

Unfortunately only support will be able to assist with this so the best option is to wait for them to reply to your tickets (don’t open new ones as this delays the process further).

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