Series tv themes?

good afternoon, I wanted to ask all of you what you think of this track. Could it live up to it? mix and master how do you find them? sounds good? Thank you.

That is a really good composition! :slight_smile:
I would do a few modifications to it though.
First I suggest removing the clock and coin(?) fx. Just stick to the theme and give the customers the freedom to add those themselves. I would add some reverb on the drums and less dry signal to the master so they can blend more in the mix. I am not sure if I like the drums, maybe make your rhythm a bit different (0:13 to 0:15) and maybe don’t layer all hit exactly on the grid, put some tiny space between them to emulate the human feel in them.
Mess with the velocity on the main lead, and maybe add a low pass filter that creates some movement by the end of the piece so it feels like it is closing in.

Best of luck! :wink:

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thank you [RedLeafMusic]
for the rest the mix and the master as they are?

Sounds as it should :wink: , but this is music track or logo or what?

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is a track created for a theme song from some TV series that lasts less than a minute