September payment thread, for authors in the new payment system

@DannySkinner @TimCat I understand you guys and probably you’re right. But do you really think that Envato would say this? I mean, this is not the first problem and won’t be the last one. Everybody should find his/her own way to deal with this kind of issues and decisions/statements from Envato. In my first message, I just wanted some worried people to calm down. I share your feelings and hopefully it will be fixed.

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I know for a fact that they won’t change anything if we all sit back and relax. If each of us held them accountable (by removing Items from Elements, for example), then that might make a difference. I’m well aware that nothing will change from a couple of restless people here, but I’m doing what I can do, and it’s creating something vibes.


The best of all is when the payment is made (I guess it will be) :slight_smile: there will be those who will thanks Envato on payment.
How far the head goes down and keep silent it will never get better.





Dear Envato Company,

You are getting your earnings(comissions) on time.

Please give our profits also as usual between day of 15-17. You are absolutely broking our plans. We have promised monthly payments.


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I have not received money from the element for 2 months, if I do not receive money this month it will be a disaster for me (

Hi there, does it look ok here? https:// themeforest. net /accounts/payouts

Just to be clear, I have already added the payout method to the new system there: https:// author. envato. com /profile/payment

Payoneer always worked fine, this is the first time I have such a problem.((( Hope it’ll be okay in day or two…

I still haven’t received the Elements payment for September. I didn’t get an email.

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I am still waiting for the email and the Elements payment for September. :expressionless:



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Same still waiting for the email and the Elements payment for September.


Has anyone contact support? I open a ticket about 9 hours age. No reply?

I am waiting.

ср, 20 сент. 2023 г. в 08:11, Rajibcou via Envato Forums <>:

Have you received any payout mail? Support say your payout processed. @bma-prod

not yet!

Just sharing my status. Bank Transfer Payment already received after 1 day delay.


Local bank? Have you recieved today? @qrelab