September 2015 Sales

I miss these threads and since no one started it, I decided to start one.

Best luck in September :smile:

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I miss them too :slight_smile:

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New Forum is not easy to use so I guess now nobody wants to start sales thread because now authors don’t want to waste their time on this not so easy to use forums.


Sales are poor in September. Zero yet :frowning:

It’s still August 31st here, so we’ll see what happens tomorrow :smiley:
Rock on for a game app contest:

Why are you wasting time here, just concentrate on creating quality item and promoting it.

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It’s not september yet here!

SEPTEMBER :dancers: :smiley:

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1 yet. I got lucky :blush:

Best of luck guys :joy:

Best of luck guys, Hope September to be even better that august :slight_smile:

August was good for me, better then June and July, I hope this trend will continue

Good luck, but not september here yet - still bank holiday Monday! :slight_smile:

3 sales so far - hopefully the trend continues because the last few months have been brutal…

It’s not September in my country yet, but I already have a sale :slight_smile:

2 sales already, of items submitted very recently…
Not bad! :smile:I hope it will continue!

september still zero :sunglasses: but it hasnt even started in hungary :joy:

12 sales until now! Very good start :slight_smile:

5 sales for me until now. Good start :slight_smile: !

Reading positive from you for first time after many months…

things seems to be good for you now :smiley: