SEO Friendly Directory WP Theme Required

I am creating a local business directory and need a theme. I have looked at all the WordPress themes over at ThemeForest however none of them appear to be SEO friendly.

Basically, when a user searches for listings in ‘London’ I would like the URL to be indexable. As such the title of the page should be ‘Businesses in London’ with a meta description as well.

All the themes I have looked at do not make the search pages SEO firendly. Most have an SEO title of ‘Search Results’ or something similar.

Can anyone recommend a theme on ThemeForest for Wordpress which would be suitable as a business directory and SEO friendly for all URL’s?


You would usually use some kind of plugin like Yoast to optimise efforts and get ultimate control over SEO optimisation.

No theme will be ideally optimised out of the box.

Plus don’t forget ranking efficiently (let alone for something like busienss in London) is about a lot more than just how the URL is indexed