sennheiser hd 598 Good or bad?


Has anyone of you used these headphones for mixing? These are the only Open Back headphones that I have found in Dubai that I could get right now, of course I could order some other ones from the net, but…
Anyways feed back from the users please!
Thank you!


Why not just get the HD 600s and have done with it. Get a good headphone amplifier if possible. And if you’re in the money, look at the SPL Mini Phonitor.


Good after some period of burning. I use it for checking my mixes.


I just ordered HD600. So it pretty similar headphones. It’s good


598 is not expensive and a good pair of headphones, BUT is still media. For mixing and mastering such should not be used. Only for extra control. Now i such use and a little bit upset that I spent the money and not bought HD600 or HD650. Although, for medium tasks they do an excellent job, and good, plus they are low impedance, so they are quite a hot rod and a conventional inexpensive sound card. And if used for that would just listen to the music - they are gorgeous.


try the audio technica pro line they are wonderful! translates everything very well. I use the ath m50


I didn’t use this one but I can reccomend you HD 280 Pro. I mixing much time with it and when I check my mix on my Yamaha NS-10M and other monitors it’s very close to what I want. Maybe it’s not the best headphones for the music listening but I found it very good for the mixing.


I have the 280s and they worked fine for me, that is until I have been “blessed” with tinnitus that ruined my life and now I cant use the closed back headphones, because they mess with my ears and increase the loudness of tinnitus…


Sennheiser is a good brand, with good sound and value for money. so you can’t go wrong.


Sadly … :unamused:


I have annoying ringing in my one ear the last 3 months after using headphones too loud… so is this permanent?


What does the ringing sound like? Like an actual ringing that we have from time to time? Or is it more somewhere deep inside your head? I do not know if it is going to stay forever, according to the doctors, you have to have tinnitus at least for 6 months before they consider it chronic. I still hate mine, and I hope that it will go away. You do not see the “went away” posts on the internet, because people simply do not talk about the good stuff, usually it is the posts of frustration.


Like a high pitched sound - I can hear it more at night though… I’ve had ringing before but usually for a few hours… but this seems different as it’s been constant for 3 months now. This happened after using a pair of Sennheiser HD 25-1 II … but probably because I had them too loud :grinning: :confused:


Could be a sound induced one, which usually they say is the permanent one. That is the one I have in my left ear, it sounds like a dentist in my ear is drilling someones tooth.
This is what I downloaded for my self to help me sleep.
It masks the pesky thing and It is not so intrusive.


Got my hd600. Compare to ath m50, hd600 is more mixing headphones ehile m50 is good tracking headphones. I like how comfortable in hd600. Sounds more like real monitors thanks to open back cans


I think, that all this choice is not good for mastering, mixing or making music, because you will not hear some (mabe important) frequency. By my opinion try AKG 702 - it’s a minimum for really good sound


anyway, the best headphones in the world are not reliable for mixing, fools a lot, for example to work with reverb and other spatial effects, it is not recommended, perhaps just to make fine work editing and other tasks, I then I recommend that you always listen in a good monitors and ever normal places (car, iphone, etc) :wink:


And a decent audio interface / DAC


¡off course!


For final mix and mastering only good pro monitor speakers, but this is another thread :slight_smile: But I did much job in arrangements and preparing mix with headphones. I read hd600 reviews hmm… really interesting headphones… not cheap but I think get one for my collection. I have Sony MDR-7506, AKG K 240 MK-II and Senn HD 280 Pro. HD 280 Pro is the best for me as I said earlier.