Sendmail script suggestions?




I need some help with a php sendmail script. Some themes have a simple script where form keeps the page (i mean the user isn’t redirected to another page). I got some scripts from github and google, but they are fail. I was thinking about mailchimp.

I need this script for a simple Coming Soon page.



@AndrewArts , there are tons of php mailing scripts but only two methods are popular

  1. Default PHP Send mail function
  2. PHP Mailer

You should use PHP Mailer (IMAP/SMTP). The option is better than default send mail, because some servers have restrictions for default mail function. You have more chance to email dropping so avoid it.
PHP Mailer is easy,safe and reliable.



Thankss. I will try that.
I found another plugin called “Swiftmailer”, but i think it’s same algorithm (SMTP configuration etc…)

Thanks a lot!


Solved + AJAX.

Thanks a lot superrajesh for motivating me to try again with PHPMailer :slight_smile: lol.