Sending demo to label

Hello guys
Do you know some ways to send your demos to labels?
Outside AJ I write other music and want to try if someone will be interested in my music.

I guess it is pretty simple thing.

You should search for labels specializing in your genre on Google. Then go on the official site of the label and check “contacts” (or submissions or demos or smth like that) section and take an appropriate e-mail adress.

Then send your demo on that adress :blush:

Also more effective way is to send demos directly to A&R manager, or through friend who already signed on this label. But as you can see, you need to have relationships in this case.

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Yeah but can you give me some label names?
Genre: Rock/Metal

We’re not working with this genre. But you can easily find the info you need in Google:

Yes, google search is the best way. Good Luck !

Labels are really under financial squeeze these days. A&R Manager’s are so nervous about getting fired, they won’t touch anything with a barge pole.

So more than just sending your demo in, you’ve gotta show some inertia. You and your music’s gotta be trending, have followers, people talking about it - a BUZZ

What about CDbaby and tunecore?

Nowadays searching for music labels have no some sense. In March this year I released album of my band for one label, here in my country, but except they publish it on Itunes, CDbaby, Amazon, Deezer, spotify… there was nothing else.Best way for you is to handle your self with it.Bandcamp is great platform, you should check it.