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Hey everyone! I am on Envato just few months, and i need your help for some tips and tricks. The first thing that i don’t know is how to add links to my other items as here: As you can see here are several links to the other items of the author. I want to do the same thing with my items, but don’t know how. Please, help me with this

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Read this blog post. I think it’s will help you somehow)

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You can edit your html very easy with envatitor:

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thank you!

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Thank you! Is there any manual,instruction for using envatitor?

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There are a few things you need to do before jumping into Envatitor. First off, create your images that you want them to link to your other items. Once you have your images ready, upload them to an image hosting website or Dropbox (I use and get direct links to them.

Copy the following peace of code, paste it in your item description and replace the placeholders with your links.

<a href="YOUR_ITEM_LINK"><img src="YOUR_IMAGE_DIRECT_LINK" /></a>

Hope that clears things up a little bit!


Hey! Thanks a lot! It worked!