Selling source code

Good day all,
I am new to the site and i would like to sell source code ( any of the programming languages). I would like some tips as to how I could make this a profitable venture.
Also , I have the following questions
1)what is the size of the market?
2) how much can you make selling source code on a monthly basis?
3) where can I get ideas on what to build?
Thanks in advance


  1. Market is pretty big, but so is the competition.
  2. Depends on the quality of your item and various other factors, but there are authors literally millions of dollars. (it won’t happen overnight)
  3. You can research in the market place and see what users are buying the most
  4. Same as abive
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  1. More than 10million customers including fortune 500 companies.
  2. Depends on your work. There are 40,000+ authors, some even make in millions.
  3. That’s something you need to do, there is no spoonfeeding for success - might sound harsh but that’s the truth.
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