Selling sheet music online ... advice


Hi AudioJungle dwellers,

A few of our piano instrumental tracks that we license via AudioJungle have become relatively popular on our YouTube channel linking to here. One thing people keep asking is if they can have the sheet music for the pieces.

Does anyone know of any good websites on which you can sell sheet music for a decent buck? In addition, does anyone have any advice about things like copyright etc? My only passing concern about selling the sheet music is that someone may be able to re-record it and use it for free, but I think this would have a fairly negligible impact on business overall!

Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance!


Hi Contourchromatic,

I had a song once that was semi-popular (not in royalty free world) and had similar requests for sheet music.

After doing a big search for someone to handle it, it ended up that creating your own sheet music as a PDF, and then having people order it via paypal was about the only thing we could do.

Having just ONE piece of music, and not being a “big shot” as it were, no other online sheet music people wanted to mess with the hassle of dealing with one author/composition.

It was kind of a headache, but, pricing it right, it’s nice to have another revenue stream!

Hope that helps!



Hi runfirestop,

Thanks so much for the advice on this- that is really helpful and definitely sounds like the best idea after a few hours of browsing options! It also means that you can print onto the PDF the person’s name (without spending a fortune on software that does it automatically) which could help discourage illegal duplication of the music somewhat.

Thanks again,


sure thing!

let me know how it goes for you!