Selling rights for existing PSD works

Hi guys,

I am interested to know the following things:

  1. how an author can sell an existing PSD and the buyer to be fully protected? By protection i mean to be able to upload HTML version or Wordpress/Joomla/Drupal of the bought PSD work.

  2. if in my country a company (as i am) is not able to pay directly an individual what methods are to pay for a PSD work? (any recommendation is welcomed). I need somehow invoice for our accounting stuff.

  3. is an author able to sell the rights for multiple times? if yes how i can be sure that i get full rights for the PSD work.


Basically, it is between you and the seller - envato won’t get involved or directly protect either party.

  1. You would need to get the author to open a ticket stating that they gave you permission and upload the ticket ID with your submission

  2. Completely between you and the seller how they are paid and how or if they can provide an invoice

  3. In different formats yes, in the same format technically no and no one would be allowed to submit the same item twice in the same format on these marketplaces, but again there is a degree of trust involved and you should be getting that they won’t do in writing when buying the rights.

Please avoid encoruaging buying/selling rights in these forums even by private conversation.

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for your reply. Please let me know the following.
3) is it possible for an author to sell the PSD rights to be implemented in Wordpress to a person and for the same item rights to implement in Joomla to another person?

In the ticket an author can say “full rights” with includes HTML, Wordpress, Joomla or any other final item started from the same PSD?

  1. a PSD item is called “X”. It is possible to call it differently “Y” or “Z” the Wordpress version or Joomla version?
    ex: x = Medical PSD template y = Smart Medical HTML version z = Better Healtcare Wordpress theme


Looking for your answer.
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Yes it’s possible to sell different platforms to different people unless you specifically buy all options. You should state it in writing when buying anything.

Yes the author should state exactly what they agreed to in the ticket.

To be honest I don’t know about changing names - I guess if you have permission to do so (another thing to include in any request to purchase a file) then it would be ok but I would probably avoid doing it just because you may end up confusing buyers

Don’t forget that just because a PSD is approved does not guarantee in anyway that it would be approved in another format by default - code quality, feature execution etc all make a big difference

Hi @charlie4282,

  1. is it possible to transfer ownership of existing approved item (PSD item) from an user to another user? How this is going to take part?

Note: we’ve received this kind of proposal and i want to know if it is possible and if the new owner can reupload that item to themeforest.

Looking for your reply. Thanks.

No it is not allowed to transfer items from one account to another and once you remove it the that is forever and neither you nor anyone else will be able to resubmit it.