Selling products specifically geared toward Authors ?


Is there a specific sale channel, or means to list or sell an item(s) exclusively to authors on envato., more specifically in respect of Code and Theme markets IE: regular users would not see said product at all, or would be of no use to the agerage joe. Or would said products just have to go through regular channels, and make note of the fact that they are author specific.

I have a couplle great ideas, although at this point , is more of a curiosity.

Best Regards

If you’ll create something useful for authors then you can be sure they will buy them. There is no special channel for “items for authors”. There are a whole lot of projects that are only bought by authors even though they are publicly available. For example, photoshop actions, graphic elements used in creating projects, etc. - all of them are bought in 90% by graphic designers.

There is only one important thing - your products must serve the authors in a way that will facilitate their work, but at the same time it will not be possible to resell.

So if you want to support Envato Authors you have to be creative and make something to make authors life easier without risk of “reselling” your work - the best way to avoid such problem is to create tools (not visible assets).

everything I wrote above applies to authors who want to use your products to create designs for sale on Envato. ;]