Selling price - non exclusive

Hi i understand that audiojungle sets its own prices when selling

but what happens when you have a non-exclusive account and you sell it on another platform much much higher…

did you ever have a client complain he could have bought it much cheaper on this site for example? Or anything like this could happen?


Hi, I sell video templates on multiple marketpalces, and I never had a client complain about cheaper prices on one market versus the other :smiley: Some clients who feel like investing the time, sure could go ahead and search for my stuff through all the markets and see where it’s the cheapest. But I think that’s time consuming and some people can’t be bothered with this. So I think most times, wherever they find your item is where they buy it. Regardless if it’s a bit more expensive or not.

Still, what is the justification for having different prices for the same product?

Why would your price be “much much higher” than on the platform that has the most traffic and potential? Using AJ as a dumping platform is such a dumb strategy. One that hurts us all.

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thanks guys!

To stay competitive in over-saturated market? Or to get more exposure to your products by it’s listing categories such as “hot under 18$” etc

I don’t see how being cheap in an endless sea of cheap items is being competitive. All it does is shatter authors earnings.


@PurpleFog I see it as: okay “pink piggies simple logo reveal costs 14$” and ohhh but “blue piggies simple logo reveal costs 29$… I guess I don’t need this version, yeah maybe i would prefer it a bit more, but meh, 14$ one will do, I’ll save 15$ dollars!”.

And you forget that cheaper prices can bring in more downloads than otherwise. Like elements and other markets do, where it’s less than1$ dollar for a downlaod. But in the end it can end up earning x4 more than a regular market, lol.

But yeah of course you loose on the money where customers were able to pay much more for a project, than it’s current cheap price. But maybe more purchases for lower price make up for this loss?

That definitely not the figures Elements authors have been hinting at. 4x more… unrealistic propaganda.

Well that’s my April’s results. Elements earned ~ x4.5 more in April (with bonus included) than Videohive in that month .But after 30% Australian taxes it ends up being more like x3.5 :roll_eyes:

(while keeping in mind that I published 38 new items in the last 90 days, - so it’s not just from some old dead items)

But looking at my older months, this can definitely vary from 1.2 times to x2 or x3 as well. It really depends on the month.

Since you’ve been cannibalizing your VH sales with Elements, this doesn’t mean much. Have you seen a decline in VH sales since you’ve joined Elements, compared to before you did?

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Dunno, when I joined elements I only had a few well selling items. It’s hard to tell how this effected their sales. Some of them are still selling every now and then, just like before. Others seem to have deceased in sales, but that could be due to competition or being old :smiley: Overall I noticed that top selling items on Elements also sell very well on Videohive, so dunno. Im just enjoying the best of both worlds. Extended licenses sales on VH and usually stable, few times higher income from Elements :ok_woman:

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