Selling on multiple Envato marketplaces?

I am an Envato Author since 2020. I make usually sound FX-s, but my another loved thing is photography. I earned some award, etc.
Nah, I just want to start selling photos, with the sounds. Is it possible, to sell on multiple marketplaces simultaneously?
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Why not? You can see a lot of authors selling their items on several sites in Envato. But remember that you cannot sell the same items on any third party markets as you are an exclusive author

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Thanks, @romlam !
I think so, why not. But I can’t. I don’t wanted to make mistakes. How can I do that? On the Envato Author registration form? Because I’ve applied that once. Where can I do that? I’ve read an article, I don’t know is it affect the PhotoDune or something else than AudioJungle.
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Thanks! Someone can help me?

Here’s some info from similar thread:


Thanks @romlam .
So, all what I need to do is the registration on this link (
Am I right?

There you need to provide your portfolio in order to pass something like an exam

Ookay, I understand. What will need to be this portfolio? Is it only for professionals? @romlam

Is it possible to sell on two pages simultaneously, without an Elements registration? Like I did last year.

All information on the link above