Selling offline courses

Hi there

I am about to build a webshop for offline course. Where we need to have all the courses to sync with a calendar. (We think The Events Calendar can do this)

I thought I could do this with the LMS Plugin LearnDash.
But that is only for Online courses with certificates and stuff like that.

The thing I need is basically a webshop where customers can buy these courses, see statistic of what they have bought, when the courses is, and the location of the course.

The 2 last criteria with: “Time/Date” and “Location” is necessary so we can sync this with the calendar

There should also be 3 different prices of the courses, which I think should be in a role-based price plugin, or membership plugin. And the courses are in multiple categories.

Now my question.

Do any of you in here know of something that can work for me here? There might be some theme, or plugin that can do this for me, I do not know, and that is why I ask here. I will also try to ask other service providers, to see if there is anything that suites my needs.

The customer wants something that could be as easy as this:

• They customize/add new courses with title, price, description, time and location
• This information automatic sync to calendar (not necessary the price)
• Can make these courses as bundle buys

Hope you guys understand.

Best regards from Denmark