Selling my content using Bridge

Hey all, Rich here.

I am creating a fitness/gym website. I am looking into purchasing a REGULAR license for the Bridge Theme to create the best looking wordpress site/blog that I can.

My question is, can I sell premium, exclusive, paid for content on that created site with the Regular license? I create daily training programs FOR FREE (go to the gym M, T, TH, F and do XYZ blog posted type info). I also would like to create more detailed and simply better workout/training plans that viewers can gain access to by simple WooCommerce/Membership fee/acct login privacy stuff. Can I do that? Almost like selling E-BOOKS but its just post/blog content that is accessed only when you paypal me some cash.

Thank you!

You would need the extended license for that.

Basically if someone has to pay to use the the site e.g.membership, subscription, commission etc. then the license needs upgrading.

Thank you.

With the extended license however, there are 0 issues whatsoever right? With what I want to do that is.

I can’t see any but if in any doubt you can email envato and check here just to be sure