Selling music to be used as background listening (cafe, restaurant, spa, etc)

Hello, I have one question about selling music for listening.

It is allowed as exclusive author to sell our music on itunes, spotify, google etc, but can I do it by myself on my own website? Let’s say selling music to be used as backround at cafe, spa, restaurants? Also can I submit my music to companies that are selling background music packages for restaurants for listening only? I am asking as an exclusive author.

We can’t really speak for other companies/libraries (you’ll need to check with them directly) but here’s how music intended for Personal Listening works on AudioJungle. Hope you find this useful. :thumbsup:

###Personal Listening Music as an AudioJungle Author

Does background music used in a public place qualifies as ‘personal listening music’ though?

In this case, buyer does not buy music for his personal enjoyment but to provide a musical environment to their patrons.