Selling music for personal listening with streming services

Hi everyone ! ! Guys, please tell me in these questions.
Can I sell audiojungle music on personal listening services using streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, YouTube Music, Deezer, and more.? Is this included in personal listening?
Can I create an album for sale for personal use from my music pack?

Envato recommended CD Baby , it have choiсe : selling with downloads only and downloads + streming.
Can I choose streming too.?
And maybe there is a better platform than CD Baby?

Yes, you can.

I think I already responded to you in another thread, actually.

I recommend DistroKid.

Thank You , understood !
When Enwato announced this feature with personal listening, there were no streaming services yet. Therefore, I had this question.
Okay I’ll take a look at the DistroKid, but it It does not deliver music to services in my region, Russia and Asia , it s bad(((.

CDBaby should be fine, as would the other distribution services. I recommend doing some more research!

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Hi AurusAudio does this mean i can record music like my vocals on instrumentals and share on Spotify too as an artist singer and songwriter