Selling main script and it's layouts separately

Is it possible in codecanyon?

I have a main software for example let’s say it is a javascript based progress indicator script.

Let’s say i have 10 different layouts that I designed in mind and I don’t want to sell them all at a high price at once. If I do so, customers with simple needs can stop buying the product due to the high price. In this case, I can make sales by publishing a single layout item and core code together in the market and same goes for the other layouts. That means jus one single shopping and you are done.

In another method, I can publish an element with the kernel code and one default layout. I can also open separate items for other layouts except core code. The customer first buys the core code. Then he/she buys a layout package he/she likes and completes the shopping. Like Lego pieces. You just get the brick with the shape you need.

Which way is possible? What method should I follow? Does anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks a lot since now.

Unlikely - selling extensions and addons is doable but they need to be significantly distinguishable products rather than just a different layout or design

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