Selling Installation Service For Open-Source Project I Created

So i planned to create a new version of NexoPOS 3.x, that is named NexoPOS 4.x, but I wanted to make this free for everyone. However, I noticed not everyone is familiar with the installation steps (since it’s based on Laravel). So I wanted to know if it’s possible to create a codecanyon item for NexoPOS 4.x where the customers get me installing the script on their system. Note that, it’s not necessary, because I’ve documented the software already.

I would remind you that the project is free and open-source and I’m the author of that system.

Do you think that’s something acceptable for Envato?

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I don’t think you can offer installation service at CodeCanyon for a free item

That sounds more like being a provider on

According to the Envato Market author terms:
29. As an author you warrant to us that:

you will not use Envato Market to offer non-Envato goods or services to buyers;

But as @charlie4282 mentioned you can join at envato freelancer program to offer your service.

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As far as I know, Studio is not open for new providers since 2017

Sorry! @ki-themes I don’t know about it but interested applicant must have to apply and if envato team accept then all will be fine to go.

If you check this article then you will see the article has updated 4 months ago and there is no update about statement but they are encouraging to apply there.