Selling Edtech and Learning technologies content to Teachers

Looking for a clean and simple Wordpress theme that I can add my content to and then have a system where people can sign up, pay and access the content.

Here is an example from someone who has something similar to what I want to set up:

Any recommendations for a simple theme that will allow me to add my content and also allow people to subscribe and pay to access - Simple but professional looking.


Any recommendations that would meet these needs??

You have plenty LMS plugins like Lifter , LearnDash…

What about a wordpress theme that would fit?

I am looking for a modern and clean wordpress theme that I can use to market my edtech content and then have people subscribe to access the content.

Any ideas on how to achieve this? I do not need anything complicated at this moment to start with - something easy to set up - add and upload my content and then make it so people have to subscribe to access.

Thanks for the help…Still not sure which theme to choose - Also taking into account the cost. Will be a new small business so need to try to keep cost down - Is the Woocomerce plugin included in the themes sold on here?

Looking at this site which is a great example of how I am looking to set up:

A wordpress theme that is clean and powerful and I can send clients to a subscription page to pay to access the content?

Please help, I want to get starte but want to make sure I commit to the right theme. Also, if there are other more appropriate forums where I can ask this question please let me know.

So far I have looked at some of the Education themes on here and they look good but maybe too much, I will not be creating whole courses, just ideas and resources and videos for lessons using technology.

So are those education themes suitable or should I look for something else?

If you have specific recomendations please let me know!

Please, would you go for one of the Education themes or a creative/blog style theme with woocomerce…Please looking for some guidance as want to pick the right theme before I start working on it.