Selling eCommerce Templates worth it?

Hi guys,

I’m wondering why so many people start selling magento/prestashop/shopify etc. themes here. I saw that the vast majority of the ecommerce templates sell rather bad. E.g. many themes are online for more than a year and were only sold 5-30 times (=> 200$ - 1000$ revenue?!) . In contrast, the themes are very professional and I’m sure that a LOT of hard work was put into them. I can’t believe that such talented designers put several weeks of work into such products for gaining 200$, 1000$ or even 2000$ in a complete year (and I don’t want to think about the support effort and refunds) - even if the designer/developer lives in a country with very low cost of living.

Even most of the top 10% of new eCommerce templates (long time best sellers like ella excluded) have less than 100 sales (with about 70$ each) within a year. The most items have about 5-30 sales after a year.

So why are people releasing such high quality themes for the eCommerce systems? Are there any bigger marketplaces for eCommerce themes where they sold them too? Or do they hope for attractive contract work?