Selling custom Html Template

Good day to you, Last month I uploaded a short Html template with SaaS, Html and JavaScript including CSS, But the item was rejected. May I know what files do I need to include if I want to sell HTML Template?.
Basically I know I need to have this folders. Assets containing images, index and files, CSS and JS. Any other thing please. I have some lots of designs on my mind to build for sale.

There’s no guidelines for HTML templates but generally the ones for themes are similar

Prioritise the uniqueness and quality of design and execution

Thank you for your response. Does this means even a singel HTML page can be sold on Evanto so far the design is okay, responsive and attractive.

It needs to be well designed and coded but also needs to offer premium value - if I can find something similar for free online then it won’t cut it. Needs unique and premium features and functionality

Got it. Thank you for the guidance.

You would be wise to share demos here for feedback before submitting to prevent rejection causing issues

Yes, that would be great. Click here to view the demo . And do advice me accordingly about any changes you think I can make to avoid rejection.
Thanks alot

The link show above are for gas why mine is for hosting and besides the design doesn’t match with what I have. Does that means it can be rejected by Evanto?. And how would you rate the design and transition effect?

With respect you need to take time to explore the attention to detail and versatility in popular items already for sale.

There are a host of problems here and you would be better off starting from scratch with a fresh canvas than trying to not pick and bug fix things.

Just some (not exhaustive)

  • There’s no design/features that couldn’t be easily found for free online

  • The basics esp styling, typography and spacing need a lot of work

  • It’s (sort of) responsive but a long way from optimised for mobile

  • Footer navigation doesn’t work/main nav contact/domain doesn’t work

  • Domain search box doesn’t do anything

Noted with thanks. And thanks for sharing your opinion about this. Will work on the listed errors.