Selling custom design demos for themes

Hi there, I want to know about the possibility of selling custom designed demos for some of the most popular wordpress themes out there (like Avada, Enfold, etc. etc.)

Most of these themes come with multiple demo options to cater for various industries / business like construction, law, photographers etc. etc.

The open source community of wordpress has always thrived on 3rd party development / involvement and you see lots of “add-on” plugins being sold for some of the most popular open source plugins like Woocommerce etc.

Why not sell some high quality demo’s that buyers (who own themes like Avada, Enfold, etc. etc.) can import the demo content and install it for their clients etc.

Please advise whether this can be sold on themeforest and who to go about marketing it. Also what pricing one can expect for such a demo.


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That’s actually not such a bad idea but:

  1. you would 110% need approval from the theme authors

  2. If a buyer sees the demo of the design then it would not be that hard for someone with a basic level of knowledge to copy it themselves using the standard theme features.

(this is different with plugins etc that requires much more coding and specialist knowledge)

Thanks for the feedback

  1. I don’t think this should be a problem as each demo bought, for say $8-$10 will need an extra purchase of the theme license - so theme authors benefit greatly.

  2. Well, the idea is to create some really special demo designs that will not be that easy to copy, but the real incentive to purchase the demo for the extra small fee of say $8-$10 per demo, will be the ease of use and saving of time…