Selling courses does not require extended license... correct?

I am looking into creating a course site using a themeforrest theme (e.g. wplms). If I read the license agreement correct I can sell courses with a regular license because I sell the course content and not the website itself. Like a webshop selling coffee. Correct?

Depends how you are distributing them.

If it’s a one off payment and they download the course etc that’s fine

If they are subscribing to access content then that would need an extended license

And if they pay (once) and have 90 days access? Content is hosted on Amazon S3 and view as iframe on site. Be careful with the answer… If I pay once and can download (as you suggested) then I apparently get access to a part (url) that was not accessable before. So I don’t see the difference in if I pay I can view on a page. Or are download and view so different, both just stream a bunch of data to a browser…

That sounds to me like it would need an extended license but could be wrong and your best option is to ask support here.