selling and rating. Real!?

I just wonder.I have uploaded 5 very good full application as an author but i have sold only 1 script in months.
and i see some weird numbers for other scripts with high rankings and sales
I just wonder if the number of sales and ratings are real on this website!
There may be a problem.should i do something extra for more sale!

The figures are calculated by actual action taken on marketplaces so it will be, on the whole, accurate.

With respect to your items:

  • simply publishing and assuming that sales will come is risky esp. with what are fairly niche items

  • your preview images look pixelated and hard to read which is not going to help attract people searching for options

  • several items look like they were published in Dec (a quiet month)

  • I know that the cost is not high in reality, but to a lot of ‘stock marketplace’ users it is not at the cheap end


It seems to me that you should work on demonstrating your product because it really doesn’t catch customers


I see a lot of potential in your apps. All you need is a good UI person who can design previews and layout for your product pages and apps.