Selling All in Bundle or Seperate ?

Hi friends. I m working on a titles project categorized like wooden metal action retro etc. Each category has 10 different style enviroment and text/logo looking setup. I would like to ask in general that which one can be better for sales and visibility, packing all categories as one project ? or packing and uploading as project per category ?

I think one in one project will be better. The price will be higher, and you can make a good promo as well for all the categories. This is my opinion and good luck brother and wish you the best

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Thank you. I was thinking same way. If we assume that projects approved it ll make five six times more visibility and also be wide categories and buying by specific demand would be easier and cheaper (i.e. i need only action etc.) I was just wondering could there be any advantages of all in one package ? I mean if price goes sky thats a problem. But what if i get decent relatively low price ? That can affect sales. Any other ideas ?

Soon Envato will allow us to put any price on our items.

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More options and versatility = less competition and a USP

There are more likely to be other similar items in the individual category approach and it will be harder to set your item apart.

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Thats another good point. Now i m totally sit on the fence.

Just for notice i m also thinking to produce short musics for each title and include them to project.

So which one is better now. USP-versatility or more visibility and customer specific supply ?

If it were me, I would sell them combined - less competition and more value to buyers.

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Allright. I guess i have to consider combining as you advice unless there is better aspect of selling seperated beside the visibility. And i have no idea what it can be. Thank you all for advices and ideas and i m always open to new approaches here.

@SpaceStockFootage have any advice for me here ? Analogy will do too (: