Sell exclusive only on some marketplaces

Can I sell exclusive only on themeforest, 3docean, photodune and graphicriver… but on audiojungle non-exclusive ?

99% No, you can not.

Yup, according to this:

You can seell Exclusive or Non Exclusive but nothing in between

Yeah, but you’ll be non-exclusive on all Envato Marketplaces, not just on AJ.
My answer above is to your question.

yes, so … the only option is to either sale or not sell

So if nothing is going to change in the next month the only options is to leave the AJ market

I plan to create my own sfx marketplace… but first let’s see what is happening :smiley:

You can create another non-exclusive account and sell on it your SFX. I’m not sure if this solution is suitable for you.

and in how many 1000 of years I will be elite ?

A sfx is no more then 1$ on average … so why bother … ?

Elite status calculated from gross sales. (If it really matters for you)

You can make another account for non exclusive

@Muse_Master, @Enrize
Yes I can create a new account, but I will start from 0 with gross sales… and is going to take forever to reach elite

My main market is going to be themeforest and codecanyon this year.